Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 27 Aug 2007

Dear Frank:

Yes, I am also working and thinking of different ways to control deer and other animal populations growing "out of control".

With so many acres of agricultural crops year round surrounding deer habitat, they have had access to unlimited browse. And nature self herd controlling systems have disappeared, and with many people invading their remaining habitat, trouble starts, people crash with deer on highways and insurance companies complain to the Government and wildlife Agencies, agriculture ask for money when their crops have been damaged by hungry deer.

We have a problem, that's for sure, with almost 37,000,000 million deer inhabiting the U.S.A. And even with hunters, deer are increasing totally out of control. There is a lot of work to do.

This problem is, in my particular point of view, far beyond any of our hunter-conservationist conflicts. If we don't find a humane and compassionate solution, Nature will take action, and nature does not always contemplate compassion, and it will take in its hands the extermination of millions of deer, starving for the lack of food, or, due to the high concentrations and contact between deer groups, because these animals are prone to get sick, exposed to viruses and sickness, as C.W.D. (chronic wasting disease) or B.T. (bovine tuberculosis), both of which are terrible cruel viruses that are actually killing millions of deer, and in extreme cases, all the deer population in an infected area have been removed (killed), in order to avoid virus spread and more contamination in healthy herds.

Sooner or latter exploding deer herds will drag with them the extermination of many other plants and animal species. This problem has been caused by all of us, including hunters and anti-hunters alike. We have changed nature's course and balance in all part of our planet.

Deer are one of the most adaptable and opportunist species, and they have taken advantage of our own crops, gardens and parks, using them as part of their home range and habitat. This is only one facet of the whole problem, this issue is much more complex.

I look forward to receiving Anne and Peter Muller observations, I really hope we all could find the better solution for our deer friends.

Sincerely yours.

Alejandro G. Cossio

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