Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 28 Aug 2007

Dear Frank:

I will try to get better images from that article, because CWD is an extremely cruel and devastating disease for deer, and it's effects can minimize any other kind of deer lost, even hunting or starvation, and it is taking a big toll between all cervid (deer) species in North America.

I have read several articles about enormous flocks of geese devastating caribu`s emigration corridors, where they usually find food during their large annual travels, thousands of caribous depends on this land to survive.

I think that sometimes mankind seems to be a cancer for the planet, and nature revenge can easily turn against us if we don't realize the tremendous impact that we can cause on our planet. Mankind still doesn't have a clue about what should be his role in this extremely delicate, small and unique planet.

Sincerely yours

Alejandro G. Cossio

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