Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 29 Aug 2007

Dear Frank:

Once again I agree with you.  There most be a leadership in this matters, people are exposed to such irrelevant and vane matters in this artificial world, that their lives fall totally outside of their origins.  Many of them don't even show any trace of mercy and sensitiveness.

Even church leaders, no matter which religion you choose, have no authenticity, they just live their lives as comfortable as they can, and nobody really wish to compromise his or her time and life for the wellbeing of someone else.  There are few counted exceptions.

Thank you very much for your comments, you help me perceive and look at problems from a different focus.

Sincerely yours
Alejandro G. Cossio

P.S. I have many videos from my deer and me interacting together, I will prepare an edit a coherent and nice small video and I will send it to you.

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