Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 29 Aug 2007

Dear Alejandro:

The churches were the leaders in every great reform movement, and we strongly believe that in order to truly succeed in bringing peace to this earth for all sentient beings, we need to get the church involved. We've been trying to do this for many years and have had very little success with the hierarchy. Our only successes have been at the grass roots level, and we need to expand these efforts.

We're nothing special; everyone of us who has this sensitivity has a vital role to play, and together we can and will change the world. We just can't lose hope.

Over the years, we have also found that reason and intelligent discussion rarely change people's hearts to become more compassionate. They seem to need their emotions shocked into making a change in their lives. This is why we show so many of the graphic photos and videos on our web site. If you have any of these type of photos or videos, we'd love to publish them on our web site.

With the church leaders, we have found that they are afraid to look at the truth, because, we believe, they really know the truth, and are living a lie. In such cases, we have found that the only way to get them to listen is to embarrass them into it, which is a shame, as they are supposed to be the ambassadors of love and truth.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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