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By Linda - 19 Dec 2013


I have Emailed you before, and I am very upset that there seems to be a “war” on some of the most gentle, beautiful creatures that God ever created.  I’m speaking about deer.  I read the “Action Alerts” and signed a petition from IDA to stop a huge (5,000 animals) deer kill in New York.  There is also one in Helena, Montana, one of the most gun-crazy states in the Union.

It’s hard for me to be happy and to embrace my fellow human beings when I see the horrendous cruelty inflicted on creatures I love.  It doesn’t help when media outlets are more frequently characterizing deer and other wild animals as “pests”.  Well, to me, the exploding human population that chases wildlife out of their habitat are the true “pests”.  Where are these poor animals to go?  Instead of employing humane population control, such as baiting food with birth control agents, which is proven to work, these fiends shot or net these frantic animals. 

I was looking at an online news article from “Time” magazine, which I never read, and it showed a cover with a deer on the front, and a headline stating it was time for pests to be eliminated and the “herd to be culled”.  Everyone who cares about their fellow creatures should boycott Time.  I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, but I am not going to renew as they constantly characterize deer and other creatures as “garden pests”.  I guess these gentle animals are not supposed to eat.

I’m a retired (mostly) attorney and I support all efforts to stop blatant cruelty.   I’m a vegetarian and am trying to become vegan.  I love all animals and feel they are a product of creation and evolution, as I heard a wise priest once say.  He stated that evolution is pretty much a scientific fact, and that was just the method God chose to create.

I pray every night that this killing and cruelty will stop.  I love dogs, cats horses (and have all three as part of my family) and I have always loved the horned and antlered creatures.  Every since I was a child I adored deer.  It must be something that God put in my soul, because any cruelty to them, any hunting or trapping, greatly saddens me.

Thank you for your great sermons and your work in trying to change this world and the evil humans in it.

May God bless you and your work,


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