Did Jesus Eat FishDid Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)
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By Luis Santana - 16 Sep 2009

Dear John,

I am very intrigued by the case you present to apparently prove that Jesus was a vegetarian. But I do have some questions and comments.

1) Letís say that the passage in Luke is a forgery, what evidence do you have to show that Jesus did not eat meat, besides the lack of the gospels stating that Jesus specifically ate meat? Because then we could say that Jesus never bathed or went to the bathroom just because the gospels never say he did, which would be absurd.

2) How do you reconcile the times where Jesus tells his disciples that it is not what goes into the body that defiles but what comes out, and when Peter has the vision stated in Acts of the Apostles and is told to kill and eat. Furthermore, he obviously approves of eating meat when he gave it and supplied it to his followers on several occasions.

3) By showing that the gospels donít agree exactly with each other, doesnít that just prove that they werenít copied directly from each other? Can we expect oral tradition to have survived 40-70 years in several different communities, and have been written independently from each other, to be exactly the same? I think itís a miracle they are so similar.

Hereís an idea, do what you will with it. When looking at scripture and attempting to interpret it, I think we need to look at it as a whole and not focus into one particular piece while ignoring the rest. Stop and think, what was the gospel message (evangelism), the real message Christ preached that was attempted to be passed on by the writers of those four books we have today? I donít have anything against being a vegetarian, on the contrary I think itís commendable and requires a great deal of restraint, but do you think that the message, or any part of it, was vegetarianism?

I would love to hear a response from you, although I highly doubt youíll ever post this. Either way, think about it, is the best way to serve Christ with the amazing gift he has given you, a gift that could go toward building the Body of Christ instead of misconstruing the real message and using it to push your own agenda. Donít forget the sacrifice that was made for us to have that message.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Luis Santana

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