Did Jesus Eat FishDid Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)
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By Adriana - 24 Apr 2010


I also found it very odd that Jesus would talk only about bread in the baskets, and not about fish.

I am not writing this comment for it to be posted, but to draw your attention to the following analysis which shows that Jesus is our Passover lamb.

You can read it from the following link: (or just search Google for "Jesus is our Passover lamb" and it's the top link) http://www.cynet.com/jesus/PROPHECY/Crucifixion.htm

While I do not belong to the group to whom the site above belongs, nor agree with other things they've posted, this analysis supported by citations from the Gospels clearly indicates that the Bible makes a parallel between Jesus and the Passover lamb which would support the idea that Jesus came in order to abolish the sacrifices in the temple.

There is another idea - that 'fishweed', meaning 'seaweed' was wrongly translated as 'fish'. Here is a citation from this source http://www.all-creatures.org/discuss/didjesuseatfish-20090506-jv.html

Also, some scholars contend that the Greek word for "fishweed" (a dried seaweed) has been mistranslated in this story as "fish" (see Rosen, Scholarly Works). It is certainly true that dried fishweed would be more likely in a basket with bread, and fishweed remains a popular food among Jewish and Arab peasants like the people to whom Jesus was speaking." I just thought these comments might help you complete the information you've posted with more support.

Thank you for your site, I found it by Googling for "did Jesus eat fish", as I highly doubt it that he did.

All best,


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