Did Jesus Eat FishDid Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)
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By Alafair - 8 Sep 2015

Hi, wanted to include the author but didn’t have his email John Vujicic.

I wanted to say that I am first a Christian and second and Animal Rights activist, I read the article on Did Jesus eat fish and although I would love to believe what the author says in the article I’m going to have to stick with my teacher who knows the bible better than anyone I have ever come across. This is what he had to say in response to the article Did Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43) By John Vujicic :

“I read the first half of the article and stopped because the writer showed such reckless disregard for sane biblical exposition that it was manifestly a waste of time reading further. It is like so many other agenda-driven "Bible expositions" on the internet, written by people who know nothing about how to handle scripture, but driven by an obsession to prove some unscriptural notion.

If I wished to argue, as some have, that Jesus never allowed any conditions for divorce, this would only involve eliminating two verses which I could claim were “inauthentic” (Matt.5:32 and 19:9). However, there is no basis for making such a claim, and if I were to do so, I would be a charlatan and a false teacher—just like the author of that article. I can't read everything posted on line, and when the author demonstrates dishonesty and incompetence in the first few paragraphs, I know pretty well that there is no benefit in reading further.

A Christian is not entitled to reject the plain teaching of scripture simply by claiming that the parts of the Bible which he/she finds disagreeable are not authentic, or are “forgery.” There are responsible ways, well-known to scholars, by which to discover when there have been interpolations into a passage, but this author does not know or employ any of them. This article is merely agenda-driven exegesis. It shows utter contempt for the Word of God.

The scriptures teach a) that Jesus ate fish, b) that He instructed the disciples to catch fish (Matt.17:27; Luke 5:4; John 21:6) and to eat fish (John 21:12-13), c) that He ate the Passover—which was a lamb (Matt.26:17-19; Mark 14:12; Luke 22:15), and d) that He wore sandals (Matt.3:11; Luke 3:16; John 1:27). Vegetarianism came from Hinduism and Buddhism, not Judaism. Jesus was Jewish, and did not share in the man-made convictions of Eastern religions (actually, Paul did not even refer to them as “man-made,” but as “demonic”—1 Tim.4:1-5). If a writer wants to take umbrage with Jesus and the Bible, let him/her do so, but not while calling himself/herself a Christian.

The writer has decided on other grounds that Jesus must agree with him/her and has set out to rewrite the true story of Him in order to create a "different Jesus" (2 Cor.11:3-4) who shares his Hindu/New Age convictions. This ruse is transparent as is the recreation of Jesus by the Jesus Seminar, by the Zeitgeist movie, and by “The DaVinci Code.“

The argument about Galilee and Jerusalem simply shows the author’s incompetence in the discipline of harmonizing the gospels. Though Jesus had arranged to meet “the disciples" (about 500 in number—1 Cor.15:6) in Galilee on a given prearranged rendezvous, it would not have been scheduled for that night, nor in the next few days. It was several days' journey to Galilee, and those who were in Jerusalem would have had to pack-up and make preparations for the trip. Jesus made a special appearance to the apostles in Jerusalem on Sunday night, while they were apparently still making those preparations (Luke 24 and John 20).

Matthew and Mark do not deny that the apostles saw Jesus in Jerusalem, just as they do not deny that Mary Magdalene was the first to see Him resurrected (she was, in fact, according to John 20). Mark and Matthew tell about Jesus’ Galilee appearances. Luke tells about His Jerusalem appearances, and John tells about both (chs.20-21). None of the gospels reports of all of them. They supplement each other.”

Although I a strong Christian I do believe the bible is the word of God but still can’t wrap my head around all the suffering and have no resolve in my heart for it.


Whenever you see a parrot in a cage, goldfish in a tank, or dog on a chain, you're seeing speciesism. If you believe that a turtle or wasp has less right to life and liberty than a fox or human, or you consider humans superior to other animals, you subscribe to speciesism. If you visit aquaprisons and zoos, wear cow skin and sheep hair, or eat flesh, eggs, or cow-milk products, you practice speciesism.

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