Did Jesus Eat FishDid Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)
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By Yasu - 29 Nov 2015


I read the article here and have a point to make about it.

If you study the practices and beliefs of ascetics, such as Jesus and Buddha, you will find documents of them eating meat (such as the verses the article references). However, you won't find them requesting for an animal to be slaughtered for the meat.

The typical ascetic view is that it is unacceptable to slaughter an animal, or harm it in any other way. However, if an ascetic is offered meat, it is permissible to eat the meat so as long as the ascetic does not encourage more animals to be slaughtered.

The rationale is that an animal was already harmed, and eating the meat does not harm it any more as it is no longer alive to be harmed.

As well, the typical ascetic practice is to not refuse food that is provided to you, and never waste it. For example, Buddhist monks must eat what is given to them, including meat, and unappealing food (such as frog meat) and not refuse it unless it was slaughtered for them (rather than for someone else and happened to be given to them).

So, even if an ascetic most likely prefers to not eat meat, there are many situations where they would.

Thank you


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