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By Anthony James - 19 Oct 2005


My name is Anthony James, I am on a, mission of sorts, to get the truth out about the poem 'Don't Quit'. I wrote the poem back in the mid 90's while working at a Psychiatric Hospital in White Plains, NY. The poem was written for patient's and somehow, someone took my poem 'Don't Quit' off of a bulletin board in the dayroom at the hospital and most likely passed it about from a friend to a friend and so on.. Perhaps it spread around and people made copies of it and it ended up in places where it was most fit to be for example other hospitals, or homeless shelters, or drug rehabilitation centers.. I say this because another man, who I've spoken to who left a [testimonial] on my website (Wayne Allen) says he found it in another hospital.

I am very proud of writing 'Don't Quit', a bit sad that others have to claimed to have, but over all I have made my peace with God and if I'm helping the many people who've been touched by 'Don't Quit' well then I am on good terms with God.

Just the same, I've been meaning to do something about my writing the poem and in fact I felt obligated to the people who were wondering and asking for the writer of the poem to come forward. I am now trying but this is going to take the help of many, not just one- myself. I am asking you to please spread my experience of writing this wonderful poem around and if possible put a link to my website on yours.

Thank you!.

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