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In Reference to the Poem: DONíT QUIT

By James Herbert Henderson - 22 Aug 2006

Dear Friends,

Major Edward Bowes published "Don't Quit" in 1937 in his book
Garden City Publishing Company, Inc.
Garden City, NY

Major Bowes placed "Don't Quit" under Anonymous Verse.

You may want to check out this book by Major Edward Bowes.

It is very obvious that the last verse was not written by the same author who wrote the first four verses.

I have read thousands of poems, and have over 400 books of poetry in my library.

I am also a retired minister.

There are no religious references in the first four verse.

A Christian poet would more likely referred to our Father
in the first four verses.

The original author did not repeat any sets of end rhymes,
yet Alice repeated:

"down" and "crown"
and "cup" and "up"

Please notice that Major Bowes published this poem in 1937 as an Anonymous Verse.

I would like to see an earlier date than 1937 before I would assign anyone's name to this international poem that is on my websites.

I look forward to your honest reply.

James Herbert Henderson
[email protected]

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