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In Reference to the Poem: DONíT QUIT

By Sammy Candelaria - 17 Feb 2007

Regarding the poem "Don't Quit" , the original version of the poem was not as most publications have published it. As you probably know there are variations of words and phrases in different versions of the poem. The original version's ending was "You can succeed with that final blow!" and there were some other minor word differences as well.

"Don't Quit" was written in El Paso, Texas in 1972. By the way, the original version was published in a publication of the Texas Department of Protective Services newsletter called " We" in the middle 1980's and the author's name was credited at that time. I have a copy of that publication in my possession.

The poem began to appear in book markers, plaques, church publications, posters, various books and all kinds of places including a publication of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. Initially , the author was always listed as "Anonymous" or "Unknown", however once the poem reached international acclaim and great fame, then various persons began to try to claim the poem as theirs.

Anyway, in the late 70's copies of the original version were distributed as requested to a handful of persons. I have not been able to trace how the poem was then submitted for publication, and I have no knowledge about who wrote the additional verses to the poem or as to when the additional verses were even written.

The reason that I know all of this about " Don't Quit" is because I am the person who wrote the original version of it.

If you would like to know more about how I came to write that or about other information that I have learned about the poem's progress and influences, please let me know.

Sammy Candelaria

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