Don't Quit: Who is the Author?


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Don't Quit: Who is the Author?
Comments by Anthony James - 16 Feb 2009

In Reference to the Poem: DON�T QUIT

Greetings again friends,

I want thank you again for posting my website up at Traffic on my site has greatly increased and I cannot thank you enough again. My regards to all who are a part of your great website and without further adieu I would really like to speak straight up and down about a thing or two regarding the poem 'Don't Quit'. Now, I've claimed the poem outright as my own for several years now. Interestingly, a Rose DesRocher's has me up on a site she put up as a liar and a crazy person, basically. Rose DesRocher's has a bunch of in-credible links to various claims to this poem, some saying this poem is over a hundred years old. Now, I put Google to the test about this and anything famous poem that was ever written 100 years ago would certainly have a presence somewhere during a century of being famous//? Now come on, am I being off here?

I went to and typed in "famous "Don't Quit" poem was written in " and I left it at that and hit the enter key and let me tell you the only thing come up is myself and Rose DesRocher's stuff about her and me yelling at each other? Now, if a poem really has a rich history and is famous, it should be all over Google? But it's not and there is a good reason for that and that is because the poem was only written in the 1990's and it was written by me and I am just an ordinary person. The thing however about 'Don't Quit' was that it was 'anonymous' and that is what gave this, now somewhat popular/famous poem' it's wings. The mystique of the poem and the place it was written anonymously had created something "interesting". People were asking for the author to come forward, so I did. Sorry Rose DesRochers that you were expecting someone else, but I have to tell you Google and you have very different takes on my poem 'Don't Quit'. Perhaps you can explain this, and when you do remember that '' is THE most powerful search engine in the world and if you think I'm lying go online and check their stocks.

Much obliged to you all. I truly hope some reason will surface soon in regard to all the lack of evidence around us all when it comes to a very special poem. My poem.


Anthony James

PS: My deepest gratitude to you. I truly wish God�s Blessings to find you in abundance. I consider you friends I haven�t been fortunate as yet to meet. If meant to be, however, perhaps one day we will. In the mean time, thank you for your website and for the voice you�ve allowed me to express myself with regard to �Don�t Quit�. I am a Christian, I know that God loves to build mountains and he wants us all to climb our hearts out because when we put our hearts into something the end result is that we always end up at the top of the world.

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