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In Reference to the Poem: DONíT QUIT

By Carl Guenthardt - 18 Aug 2015

These people that claim to have wrote the poem don't quit are full of shit! They have zero clue what the true meaning of the poem is all about! The poem was not written in the 1990s! It was written in 1981! If one really knew why the poem was written and by whom the person should be able to explain the meaning of each line! Many mistake the lines as practical meaning when in fact the meaning is full of metaphor and symbolism! You see the true author was a 15 year old boy who's only solace in life was to express himself through written word! This young man was in dire emotional straights wanting not to live but fearful of his morality to end his own life wrote this as a note to himself to inspire him to stay alive! And not wanting to have a love driven from his life by being pursued for the obvious talent he had that allowed this poem to be so well received it went on to make millions/ billions possibly by now he chose not to have his name printed on it and asked only one thing that his anonimity be preserved! But he has seen too many liars and scammers trying to take credit for this work that he's getting mad at all the fakes! And to prove that these people are fakes he would be willing to sit down in a recorded discussion group with those imposters to break down the poem and elaborate on each line to see who truly knows the breakdown of meaning behind the words and once and for all end this controversy!

My name is Carl Guenthardt a true nobody in the big scope of life but I can tell you who that boy was his name and mine are one and the same! I was that 15 year old boy!

Thank you for your time!


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