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In Reference to the Poem: DONíT QUIT

By Linda - 4 Oct 2015

I read Rose DesRochers' article about the poem Don't Quit.  I also read some of the comments.

All I can tell you about the poem is that I memorized this poem circa 1960 and it was listed as a poem by Edgar A. Guest.  I remember it just as you have printed it.  So anyone claiming to have written the poem anytime after 1960 is either lying or is so familiar with the poem they really believe they are the author... but they are mistaken.

Guest was a very popular writer in the first half of the 20th century.  And this poem fits his style.  However, it is not listed in my old book of collected poems of Edgar A. Guest.  It is now public domain, so we may never know the true author.  But I've embraced these true and encouraging words for over 50 years and they are no less meaningful today than they were many decades ago.


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