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By Shawna - 10 Apr 2018

The poem Dont Quit was originally written by me in high school. I was about 15 or 16 years old and poetry had caught my eye. We were learning about different styles of poetry and there was one poem, and the way it was actually written with commas and pauses that gave it more meaning, hence why there are so many commas after each sentence in it. I was trying to write it in a way that it expressed if I was reading it where you would pause and such it was originally.

Because I grew up in a abusive home when I was growing up and wanted to take my life at one point and sat down and wrote that poem instead. I am 40 years old now. I submitted 3 poems into a poem contest I dont know if it was through school or such but the one they decided to publish was called friendship and went like this: "A friend is someone special, a special kind of friend is someone who is there beside you through whatever life may send; its someone who's there with you through your struggles, however great or small, and never looks for words of praise yet deserves them most of all.

I still have the original copies of my poems but it was submitted and published into some book of poems and yes it did cost to have it published I remember and if the poem made it to the finalists circle it cost to go out of state to meet at the finalist circle to see who would win and I actually sent a check to have it entered and never heard anything about it again but yes there was 3 poems subbmitted and originally the friendship poem was selected but I entered dont you quit along with madness anger hate and a friend were the three poems,I never have seen anything of it again until now when I saw it for the first time on the internet. People can say all they want about it being around in 1922 and all these yrs ago, but its 25 yrs old and that's the truth behind it.

Shawna Badgley of Phoenix AZ

I guess it really did make it to the winners circle after all.


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