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In Reference to the Poem: DON’T QUIT

By Rose DesRochers

By Rose DesRochers

To Whom Does This Poem Belong
by Rose DesRochers

The “Don't Quit” poem is a beautiful, inspirational, motivational poem and has always been one of my favorite poems. But who is the real author of the poem?

I have a keychain from the C.M. Paula Company with this poem on it, sadly there is no author mentioned on the keychain.

Several authors over the past years have claimed to have written this poem. There was a similar poem written by Edgar Albert Guest between August 20, 1881 and August 5,1959.

I performed a Google search and came across several web sites that have published the poem. Each website lists a different name. Among the names are Edgar A Guest, kristone, Larry S. Chengges, Rick Frutell, Leo Padgett , Joe David Harrison, Sam Candelaria, Clinton Howell, Frank Collins and Gerard Haughey . One of previous members even made a claim that they were the author of this poem. It is unbelievable how many websites have a different author listed.

One website states that Clinton Howell published this poem in Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, September 1, 1999.

Gerard Haughey claims to be the real author of the poem. He is on a mission of sorts, to get the truth out about the poem. He says, “I am very proud of writing '”Don't Quit,” a bit sad that others have to claimed to have, but over all I have made my peace with God and if I'm helping the many people who've been touched by 'Don't Quit' well then I am on good terms with God.” He has even registered a domain, , in his mission to prove that he is the author of this poem.

But wait, one website states that Rick Frutell wrote the poem while in seventh grade.

I even found this poem on a poster at  You can purchase this poem on a pocket card  through Yahoo Shop.

After further research, I did find a website that states that the US Copyright Office recognizes the poem as public domain. The Copyright Act will not restore protection to works that fall into the public domain. Anyone can use this poem but can not own copyright to it.

On most websites the author is listed as Anonymous and that is because the real author of this beautiful poem is sadly and will always be unknown.


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