The Holy Spirit Gives Us the Empowerment to Live as Christians


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The Holy Spirit Gives Us the Empowerment to Live as Christians
Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 23 Jan 2003

In Reference to: The Holy Spirit Gives Us the Empowerment to Live as Christians

Dear Wohali and Others:

Julie expressed a wonderful piece of wisdom about doing the things that the Holy Spirit encourages us to do, when she wrote: "it makes it that much easier the next time I am being called."

I suppose that every one of us remembers the first time they sat behind a computer. This is particularly true of the older ones of us. Initially, we weren't sure about what to do, or if we were going to make a mistake, and some may still feel that way, but the more time we spent using the computer and its various programs, the easier it became.

This is also true about doing the things of God, and not being afraid to speak out and present the truth. People in the churches I pastored knew that they could be called upon to offer a prayer for an offering, or at the beginning of the Bible study, or on some other occasion. I would never tell the people who was going to be called, because I didn't want "canned" prayers, for they have a tendency to sound "processed". Fresh prayers come from the heart and soul with the vitality of the Holy Spirit.

As vegetarian Christians, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom to offer our fellow Christians and the world. There is healing in our words for the whole of creation. God put this knowledge and wisdom in us, because we were willing to receive it. As long as we speak forth in love, most people will receive it in love, and if they don't, that is their problem and not ours. We are the peacemakers and children of God for whom the whole of creation awaits.

In the Love of the Lord,