God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Juli - 12 Jan 2009

I believe as you do about that, Ray (i.e., that most suffering is probably caused by human misuse of free will). I also believe it's maybe even probable that God is "powerless" (i.e., as per God's own design in natural and Divine law) to do anything about it.

But I also believe it's in God's design that there's power in prayer to change many things, including consciousness/souls/spirits ... as has been said, prayer changes us, not God. So if enough people pray for suffering to end, it may happen in ways we don't even understand (which is most probable, because we understand almost nothing. We just guess a lot). So any prayer to end suffering may well be having the effect of changing collective consciousness... which may initiate the end of suffering.

It can get as complicated as we make it. Or as simple, like just having compassion and praying that the suffering of all beings will end.


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