God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Juli - 12 Jan 2009

I follow Ray's reasoning when he speaks about God as "powerless" ... i.e., God not being a tyrant, and having ordained free will by Divine decree, we remain free to choose and create whatever insanity or harm we decide to choose and create without Divine interference.

But I see God's "powerlessness" in another context, too... for me, it's been the only way to find peace with the suffering in the world to conclude that, while our Creator is omnipresent, our Creator is not omnipotent... again, by His/Her own design. The concept of earthly suffering as "punishment" for wrongdoing that is directed by God is impossible for me to accept, because we're not always talking about a slap on the wrist and an "owie".... there is horrific suffering on this planet, and I cannot believe in a God less compassionate and less merciful than we humans. And I daresay most of us would stop the suffering in an instant if we were capable of it.

I'm more terrified by the idea of a God who would either cause such suffering or refuse to stop it than I am by the idea of a God who is as heartbroken by it as we are, and as helpless to make it stop. At least I know we are not only not alone, but that an empathy and compassion accompanies us that far exceeds that of mere mortals.

At least, that's my personal sense of God.


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