God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Juli - 12 Jan 2009

Ray, your idea that God "allows" suffering kind of contradicts the idea of God's powerlessness over it.

I have to disagree that our lives here are not important ... if they weren't, we wouldn't have them at all. And, even though our entire physical lives are the blink of God's eye... a parenthesis in eternity .... that doesn't diminish the intensity or significance of bodily suffering in the moment.

It may be a pat answer to say suffering is for some higher purpose (and that may be the case, some of the time or all of the time, it's impossible to know). But animals suffer horrifically by the billions ---for the most part, far worse than humans do ... I don't think it's because they need to improve the quality of their souls and thereby attain heaven.

So I'm not sure human suffering necessarily follows that reasoning, either, or that it's sufficient to say that every other life form suffers because of us because we're so "important" and they're not. It may just as well be the case that the pure hearts of animals could affect us instead, and give us relief from suffering .... if we're going to be doing the human logic dance in reference to God, that would seem a better fit to God's tender mercies.


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