God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Ray - 12 Jan 2009

Compared to eternity, our lives are over in a "wink"...it is our eternal souls that is important, not our lives here. If we must suffer here in order to save our eternal souls, then the suffering is required by God to help us on our eternal journey.

Yes, I know that this is easy to say when I'm not the one suffering. But God does allow suffering, because there is a much higher concern that God has for us. This life is temporary, our eternal souls are forever.

Since I believe that "A sparrow does not fall from the sky without God knowing it" I believe that all suffering is felt by God, that Life and God are one. God feels all the suffering, we only feel our own suffering. God is not standing by watching, He is part of the suffering.

God must allow suffering in order to serve the higher good.


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