God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Elaine - 14 Jan 2009

Thank you for your response, Frank!

I think that we may be seeing the tide begin to turn due to the health or lack thereof, of our society. It has to change, we cannot afford to pay for the crisis being caused by obesity in this country. There is more interest in eating healthy, more than ever before, I believe.

I do not think that the mainstream will change for ethical reasons, even Christians. Health reasons are very self serving, and will get more attention from the mainstream. Do they have the will to change their eating habits? Many do.

Dale, my husband, is the manager of a grocery store. He preaches a vegan diet constantly and people see his health, energy and great physical condition and it makes them want to try. He doesn't condemn anyone, but he does make it clear that their diet is killing animals and destroying their health. So, his great witness has caused some of the people to get on board and try the diet.

His meat manager was the first and he lost 60lbs, don't think other people didn't notice him! And, he tells everyone how great he feels and backs up what Dale says when he's talking to someone else. So, 3 other managers have gotten on board and one has lost over 100lbs! The other two have lost weight and look great too. And many other people are trying the diet now. So, he went from a store where he was the only vegan, in 3 years time, he has many vegans/vegetarians and everyone in the store knows about veganism. I won't even start about his customers that he has turned on to the diet! Its amazing. In a grocery store!

We want to get into the churches with the message that we don't have to be sick.

I am sorry to say that the moral aspect of what we are doing to creation and the animals in particular is not enough to change Christians. It's a sad commentary.

That's my 2 cents,


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