God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Juli - 14 Jan 2009

The trouble with your reasoning, Elaine, is that there's a valid belief that much of scripture involves God being conformed to human liking by its authors. It's not chaos to not accept everything in a book written by humans, whatever the level of Divine inspiration it may or may not involve, or whether one is Christian or not. It's not about making excuses for God in questioning scripture; if anything, it's questioning the reasons for human perceptions of God therein.

If we're going to assess arrogance, it's reasonable to consider which might be more arrogant: to elevate God above human flaws and the baser, darker characteristics of our human nature (like violence and vengeance), or to attribute those dark traits to God, seeing Him as susceptible to all human traits, only on a grander scale. Which could be a case of humans trying to view themselves as godlike more than trying to view God as human-like, but either way, it's perceiving similarities that may not (and I hope don't) exist at all. To see God as completely transcendent of any human form, trait, and understanding, and beyond anything the human mind can even wrap itself around, including what's written, is hardly arrogance.

Questioning religious dogmatic beliefs is part of spiritual seeking, which can be understood as an unending journey in trying to merge with God. There can conceivably be more arrogance in being certain than in being mystified.


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