God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Robin - 14 Jan 2009

I think the comments about walking the walk and not being hypocrites are spot on.

This is SO off the subject of veganism, but I think it's still pertinent: My adult son's girlfriend lives in Quebec, and she came to spend a few weeks here over their common Christmas break. He has decided that he doesn't want to be a part of our faith (at least for now--we're still praying :)), and she's an atheist. He asked if she could sleep in his room while she was here. We said, Ummm, NOOO?? lol! So one night they opted to go to a motel for the night so they could be together. My daughter said that when they came back the next morning she wasn't sure she was going to be able to be nice to them. I said, "Have you noticed that even saying a blessing on food--let alone morning and evening kneeling family prayers--were so unfamiliar to Fannie? She was asking a lot of basic questions about Christianity, too. I don't think she's really spent much time with Christians before. And you know the old saying: We're the only Bible some people ever read. So if they come back tomorrow and meet nothing but cold shoulders and disapproval, do you think that will draw either of them to God? They already know we don't approve: that's why they couldn't sleep together here. But love is THE key. They honored the house rules, and I'm grateful for that. Let's love them."

So I think the same thing applies to carnivores. If they're friends of ours, they can't help but become familiar with our stand. Let's love them in as much as possible, without ever lowering OUR stand. We're the only "vegan cookbook" some people will ever read.


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