God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Ray - 21 Jan 2009


I try lots of different approaches, but most of my attempts still get blind-sided by people telling me that Jesus was perfect and was God and He ate meat, so it must be just fine with God.

My niece that works at a Tyson slaughter house wrote me this a few days ago.

"Although I enjoy discussing the Bible with you, your interpretation of it is a bit odd to me. God gave us permission to eat meat because that was His decision. It was not a "reluctant concession". God doesn't try to appease us�..He is Almighty God! Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being ever to walk the earth and he was not a vegetarian. If it is "evil" to eat meat, God would not have allowed His perfect Son to do so.

Jesus was not a vegetarian. He is our example and teacher. I understand you are strong in your beliefs, as am I. I respect your views, although I do not understand them. My intent was to discuss and not to argue. We clearly see things very differently"

I just don't know how to go up against the Bible when that is all the answers that most people are willing to accept. I know that much of the Bible has been misinterpreted and misused, so I try to get a "foot-in-the-door" by suggesting that not everything written in the Bible is the perfect word of God, since different translations change the meanings, but people just don't want to hear that either.

On a positive note, one of my best friends that I've known since before I was a vegetarian (over 18 years) told me this week that he has gone 8 days without meat and that he is trying to get healthy. He knows how healthy I am, and he has read a lot of the letters that I've written. He also noticed that he spends much less time sitting on the toilet, so he is already seeing some benefit. Maybe I have had some influence, but it has taken over 18 years. But a step in the right direction is still a good step.

Love and Compassion For All Beings......................Ray

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