God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Albert - 23 Jan 2009

Ray, unless you read the Bible on a regular basis, debating scripture with her will not do much good. But here are a few thoughts. Scripture clearly states that God makes concessions. For one example, Jesus said that Moses permitted in the Law the dismissal of a wife because of the hardness of their hearts. The text Jesus was dealing with says it was the Lord that gave that Law. Further Jesus said it was not so in the beginning.

Jesus is our example, however, it's simplistic to assume that everything Jesus did, I should do. For one example, Jesus left Mary and Joseph for three days without their knowing where he was. They were clearly distressed. Yet under normal circumstances we would say that a child that left his parents so as to lead to their distress was breaking the commandments. I also think the assumption that Jesus wasn't a vegetarian is not as scripturally certain as many think. But that's a more complicated issue.



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