God's Love for Animals

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God's Love for Animals
Comments by Mandi Thompson - 4 Oct 2007

In Reference to the Article: God's Love For Animals

Frank & Mary,

I have read the story of Balaam and his donkey in Numbers 22. The fact of the matter is, this is not simply just a story. The Bible is based on solid truth - true stories if you like and this is a marvellous account of God's high regard of what many consider to be feeble creatures.

Balaam being a so called Prophet (and an abusive one at that), failed to see and hear the Lord 3 times. God chose to give spiritual enlightenment 3 times to the donkey who responded promptly on each occasion - how awesome is that. Perhaps the author could have elaborated more on these points for the sake of our high and mighty Christian readers with little or no regard for animals.

Although it is important to know that the donkey saved Balaam's life, if you consider it, the author may have been unnecessarily repetitive about this and could have reflected a little more on the way in which this life was saved.

This story is certainly indicative of the mysterious twist in how our God operates in what is often known as the upside down kingdom.


Mandi Thompson