Hosea 2:18Hosea 2:18: God's New Covenant between Man and Animal
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Hosea 2:18: God's New Covenant between Man and Animal

By Shelley - 9 Jun 2014


Pleasure to see all the scripture on this subject.

I was pondering this very subject just yesterday.

I am a burden bearer and member of a Cdn Evangelical Church.

Part of the reason I think the importance of animals have been overlooked is they were brought to Adam, and he has dominion over them. (Genesis)

Another is, we constantly under-estimate their purpose and intelligence. We wipe out species at an enormous rate and impact them negatively, like you said exploit them.

Also, it is satan's plan to hate/destroy EVERYtHING God The Father loves...the planet, animals, each other. As devout as you represent I thought you would know this that's ok.

John the Baptist example you have there is wrong. His parents (mother) - I think his dad was a mute by then, were given specific instructions on how he was to be raised and how he was to live to keep him pure as the intermediary of sin "washing", baptism. I don't know how else to say it look for the "baby lept with life" scripture when Mary went to go see her cousin.. And he is actually the reincarnation of Elijah. Jesus says "Elijah came but he was not recognised". Said After the be-heading.

I can find nothing in the Bible that says we can't eat them, except for the cloven hoof types, and that is Old Testament. AND for some reason no pigs, possibly ref the demonised herd of swine and the Jews would know, being God's intended and first people.

They (animals) will not be our brothers, but they are worthy and valuable, there are non-human animalistic creatures at the foot of the throne that speak/sing. And there is an assortment of animals in heaven, especially song birds.

All through history(where demons impressed upon humans for rulership...Egypt had bird heads on lrg human bodies, Greeks had weird animal/human combos in gods) and in revelations -holy -there are "odd" creatures with 4 faces and wings all over at the foot of the throne. Human accounts of demons vary, a ducks leg, a lion's head, an ox body all on the same body. We don't know what The Father considers beautiful, and our minds are generally closed off from Him and his world. He just can't be near sin at all.

The only thing I can find on beautiful...is "may our daughters be graceful pillars". So fat is not good. I am sure there are more.

We are to judge the Angels when all is said and done. (Google that I can't remember where it is written) I know, I almost fell off my chair. And here's why. Though we are created below them, we are to co-rule in heaven. They are created for specific purposes, to serve, observe, help, report, relay prayers, sing, worship, guard, protect, heal, change circumstances, influence with God's heart and intent, interceed, fight in God's army, carry out God's orders, materialise, and more, not rule. But they are awesome because they love Him.

Such a large statement to claim, that you want to do everything to please and follow the rules (or something to that effect) of The Father? There are more rules to apply in the Old Testament, like as many in a pomegranate. For one, you'd always feasting and celebrating because He likes his people happy and trouble/worry free and worshipping. That's why Jews hold that fruit so special, the number of seeds. So 400yrs went by and Jesus had to come and save us and fix things because we kept falling short (and always will) of God's expectations (since the expulsion, and he was deeply deeply saddened over like crushing sadness, heavy chest and weeping). Maybe a better statement is "aspire to be like Jesus". That is/should be every Christians desire. 

Always great to see The Word of the Father being used appropriately, just a few funky ideas, but when you're on a speeding train, sometimes it won't stop. I'll tell you something. He does not like all this nit-picking between the denominations, we are one body and we are infected and sick. One day we will have to rise up together as The church to fight against the anti.

Thanks for your time, great non-biased non-denom article, its rare!  :). Try not to take it personal, we all know Him in different ways, as to how He reveals Himself for His purpose.


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