Hosea 2:18Hosea 2:18: God's New Covenant between Man and Animal
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Hosea 2:18: God's New Covenant between Man and Animal

By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 10 Jun 2014

Dear Shelley:

Thank you very much for writing and giving us your comments, which we don't take personally.

Your analysis of dominion accurately shows how most of Christianity distorted the meaning of dominion. Dominion was to be our loving care of the whole of God's creation and protect them from evil, which we have, for the most part, horribly failed to do. In fact, most people continue to contribute to the evil corruption of creation, which is why billions of animals suffer and die every year.

We totally agree with you about intelligence and listening to Satan rather than God.

Please go back and read the passages about John the Baptist and his father. His father was only mute because he failed to believe the angle and that only lasted until John was born. John was not the reincarnated Elijah; he only came in the spirit of Elijah.

Genesis I:29-31 depicts the heavenly will of God for us to eat only plant foods, and since we are to pray for our Fathers heavenly will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we should be returning to eating only plant foods.

Francis of Assisi considered the animals to be his brothers and sisters. They may not have been born as actual brothers and sisters but they are our kindred spirits. Remember that Adam named them just as we name our children and companion animals today.

Think about what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 5:48. How are we going to be anywhere close to being perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect if we continue to corrupt His creation. We are to be the loving, compassionate and peacemaking children of God that Jesus call us to be.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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