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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Understanding the Bible and the Teachings of Jesus
Question by Colin Sky Godfrey - 7 Apr 2003

Dear Frank, all,

Can you, Frank, give people some simple guide lines, regarding the Bible?

Can the same message be gotten from other sources, e.g. ethical veganism or plain wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong?

During our discussions, some* must be aware of the differences between *Christians* and the *followers of the Teachings of Jesus Christ.*

The former will embrace war, but the latter cannot. Can you clear the air on this differences Frank?

Also, what do u think of James' thought, that it is time for a New Book on Jesus' teachings, applicable to His ways of peace, that is simpler and more relevant to these times?

Apologies to James, if my question never accurately portrayed James' thoughts regarding this, but the idea of a Modern Guide is certainly appealing.

Finally, is it now time for a Modern, dynamic approach, with non-violence as its central hub.... as Jesus would teach today if He were around?

If non-violence became the hub of Christianity... We may be talking business... What do u say Frank?


Colin Sky.


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