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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Understanding the Bible and the Teachings of Jesus
Comments by Deanna Wagner - 10 Apr 2003

Dear Frank,

It is purely coincidental that "fruits" and "speaks volumes about this ministry" might be referring to the infighting on the list, for I started writing this message before any of the recent mudslinging. I only sent it this morning after adding more. But yes, I am talking about those who produce the Web site, the messages contained therein, and the answers to questions that you provide to the list. It would be nice, though, if we could have only good fruits on the list from everyone. And I've been guilty of some rhetoric and mudslinging, too. So I'm sorry for my part in it. Maturation is a process.

The presenter of the message, you for the most part, come across to me as a representation of thoughtful truth. I tell my husband that all the time. You speak to some of the thousands of different denominations of Christians out there, and you do it without any of the religious trappings. Just pure teachings. That is why I find it uncanny. But you say it best:

"If the person is seen as a loving, compassionate, peacemaker follower of Jesus Christ, then those who are open to receive the message will receive it with joy, because they have tasted of the fruit at the same time they received the message and it became that much more believable."

I also think honesty comes into play, too. We have to look at ourselves openly, as you say, and honestly, admitting our faults and strengths and moving on from there in God's love. Otherwise, how can we ever really know the truth as presented by others, if we don't first see it within ourselves?

In Truth and Peace,


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