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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed - Why is evil normal in our society? Should we protest it?

Comments by James Hurst - 21 May 2003

Yes indeed. I have been wondering about the true role that Pres. Bush will have in our world. I've never known a single administration to be capable of so much profound evil and utter foolishness. Especially after his famous Weapons of Mass Destruction speeches repeated ad nauseum, now he is quietly pushing to add nuclear weapons to his toolkit of deployable weapons. Yes, it is inevitable that the World's nations are aware, and are reacting. Because of this lunacy, nuclear holocaust is going to be the reality within our lifetime.

That such a person should use the word "God" in his speeches!

Other developments: In the last arms-reduction treaty with the Russians that achieved (on paper) a significant reduction in nuclear warheads: over the objections of experts - the Bush administration insisted upon NOT destroying the warheads themselves, but rather upon storing them. Thus no real reduction was achieved. Worse, now those warheads are, instead of in visible and secure places within the former USSR, they're now quite possibly in locations more subject to being stolen and sold off to anyone with the cash and the will. When you mix corrupt Russian officials, who often don't even get their paychecks regularly, with such extremely-highly valuable goods, and unscrupulous buyers with loads of ready cash hungry for those warheads, you have a certain prescription for nuclear nightmare. I predict that it is a virtual certainty that, within the next decade, we shall see nuclear blackmail and even detonation within a major Western city.

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