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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Colin Sky - 21 Feb 2003

Thanks Stephen.

I appreciate and admire what you write also.

"..some folks will be apt to write you off as just someone who is "anti-American"."

I appreciate this concern Stephen. I love all people regardless of nationality. Colour or race is not an issue with me. I am only concerned that all God's children join hands as one family to help each other and bring about peace for humanity.

Some may think Americans are "anti-world". That is a far more important issue than what a few think of me.

Since World War II, the United States dropped bombs on 23 countries. These include:

China 1945-46,
Korea 1950-53,
China 1950-53,
Guatemala 1954,
Indonesia 1958,
Cuba 1959-60,
Guatemala 1960,
Congo 1964,
Peru 1965,
Laos 1964-73,
Vietnam 1961-73,
Cambodia 1969-70,
Guatemala 1967-69,
Grenada 1983,
Lebanon 1984,
Libya 1986,
El Salvador 1980s,
Nicaragua 1980s,
Panama 1989,
Iraq 1991-1999,
Sudan 1998,
Afghanistan 1998,
and Yugoslavia 1999.

In God we trust. See the next question Stephen.

I actually love Americans very much and think they deserve better leadership than the above behaviour of their leaders in their quest to dominate the world.

The many Americans I know wish to live in peace with other nations. It is those I love. The others? I wish they would wake up and let love into their hearts.  

" I believe every one of us should be the representative of humanity and be the type of world we would like to live in.." CSG. 2003.

Love Nature... love life...^*+colinsky

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means to arrive at that goal."  ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Help spread Messages of Peace^*+

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