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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Debra L. Stitt - 22 Feb 2003


You put more thought into this than anyone else I have seen on this list. We tend to have a lot of "armchair quarterbacks" out there that believe they have all of the answers. The fact is, we don't. It's not a perfect world and there are no pat answers.

For those that believe we (USA) are the aggressors, I've often asked myself whether or not I could count on them (protesters) if I were being physically attacked or would they simply walk away believing their peaceful "non-involvement" was the answer. There IS evil in this world and sometimes that evil can only be dealt with by threats of force -- evil knows no other way. That evil will continually push the envelope which, in and of itself, sends a message to others that it is okay.

Let's face it folks, we have to set limits with our children. We have to set limits in the workplace. We have to set limits in the community. Why believe that limits are inappropriate in the International community?

Please also remember that the US has done nothing, at this point, other than remind the International governing authorities that they have allowed Saddam to breach rules and regulations set down for the safety of the world. Rules that were agreed to by all involved (including France). What does God tell us to do? You first go to the offender and if the offender doesn't listen you go to the governing body. God believes in community and believes in guidelines. He believes in authority and tells us to respect authority. It's all throughout scripture.

As a group of people that believes in the beauty of God's creation and will go to great lengths to protect the creatures of this earth that cannot fend for themselves, I'm shocked at some of the discussion I see when it comes to the same plight of human life. Saddam is a man that has no respect for life and has proven that over and over again through torture and murder -- no one has been immune, not even his own family. Should this be allowed to continue? I say no. I don't think any of our government officials in the US want to see anyone die. Quite the contrary, they are doing everything humanly possible to stop the suffering. At some point, the line has to be drawn because whether or not you want to believe it, Saddam is torturing and killing more and more people every day. The longer we bicker about it the more blood we have on our hands -- the WHOLE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY! The longer it is allowed to go on, the more power is gained by those that wouldn't even blink an eye over our (the rest of the world) demise.



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