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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Marijonas Vilkelis - 21 Feb 2003

Take a good look at yourself America.

You have always mastered the veil of righteousness and decency throughout your bloody past - especially to yourselves. From the indigenous Indian nations and all the subsequent international slaughtering you have justified with the help of Bible bashing preachers like Charles Stanley and Cal Thomas . I'm sure Col. Custer had a preacher or two on tap to fortify his troops before he went on his women and kid massacres, just like the G.I.s had when they went on their search and destroy Vietnamese village missions. There were probably a half dozen preachers to prop up all the USAF members setting out with orders to kill everything that moves on the morning of February 14 1945 after the British had fire bombed Dresden, a refugee city. The allies are still lying about the magnitude of this atrocity, which when all is said and done will almost certainly greatly exceed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Your job as a supposed Christian nation America is to change history and not repeat endless Jerichos and other acts of predisposed human barbarism even if it does appear Biblically sanctioned. The God that made creation vegetarian certainly did not.

Now you discuss whether it's OK to go and kill possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis for the sake of getting one man - if even the latter is warranted. It's not enough that your sanctions and depleted uranium munitions have killed over a million - mainly children - Iraqis in the past decade. You have the audacity to sit behind obscene past leaders like Madeline Albright who when asked her opinion of this atrocity said "We think it was worth it".


You are so subdued and mesmerised in patriotism to your leader-right-or-wrong that you're prepared to chalk up more and maybe even better the atrocities you have already committed. Until you can express true remorse for your past, you are bound to repeat it. But in ever-escalating episodes with ever more insane administrations.

For God's sake wake up and realise why there is a widening world-wide detestment for America - even in the West! It is your foreign policy and warmongering that is attracting violence against the whole West. The "coalition of the willing" are just those that have been blackmailed, otherwise forced, or seduced into become criminals with your regime. People like Charles Stanley are only exacerbating an already lamed humanity. Look at  to realise you have been poisoned by false do-gooders.

Marijonas Vilkelis

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