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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Pat Zimmer - 21 Feb 2003

Dear Terri,

Wow! How eloquently you expressed yourself. I feel just as you do but could not begin to express it so well.

There can't be any kind of war or conflict without innocents being injured or killed. Some things in this life cannot be settled, unfortunately, peacefully.  I think you and I can agree that God's heart is broken when any of His creation suffers or dies by the hand of violence. I, too, have mixed feelings about Iraq. I have mixed feelings about much in this life, but as you said, "His plan and wisdom and ways are far beyond my understanding." And you are so right that none of us can ever fully know Him in our imperfect states.

I have always thought the Bible to be a guide, inspired by God, on how we should strive to live our lives.  Terri, I found your letter to be profound and very wise.  The only thing we can do is pray and hope that God is directing our leaders in what they do. We can't possibly understand (in this mortal life), the mind of God but we can pray and pray and pray and then trust Him.

A Friend in Christ


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