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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Pat Zimmer - 21 Feb 2003

Dear Maynard:

I don't know whether your sentence; "One CAN argue that in a view of divine providence even legal technicalities are God's will, but one can also argue (as some listmembers seem to be doing) that war is, also (and that's hardly trusting on or in God to change the hearts of the leaders of other nations and peoples) was referring to anything I said or not, but just in case it did, I don't believe that God will change the hearts of anyone against their wills. Maybe I worded things wrong (I do that a lot), when I said that I hope God is directing our leaders in what they do. What I meant was that I hope that through prayer the leaders of this country will be guided by God to cause the least amount of casualties or damage in a battle that must be fought. I don't believe war is God's will. But sometimes the only way to fight against those who want to destroy you and your way of life is through war.

I believe God knows what will happen in all instances.

You wrote:

I'd want to apply rational judgments in assessing the decisions of presumed "leaders," particularly an administration which is in office through a legal technicality, not from a majority of votes cast. God knew what would happen on 9/11. He didn't prevent it. You don't know any more than I, or anyone else does, but maybe that legal technicality put George Bush in office "because" God knew what was going to happen.

None of us can even begin to understand the mind of God. If we believe in Him then we must try to trust Him. It is NOT the general populations of the cities and countries on this planet that are evil. It is the dictators and certain extreme groups in this world that want to destroy all those whom they cannot control. And they will not stop until they are forced to stop. I have known and now know personally a number of people who live in several Middle Eastern countries, Iran, Morocco, Turkey. The ones I know are wonderful people and they have the same hopes and dreams for their lives and families as we do. I care about them. I care about the people I don't know. The world is full of good, decent, caring, people from every single nook and cranny of this planet.

But as long as there are dictators and groups that want to destroy good people there will be wars. The trouble is that we aren't dealing with swords and arrows anymore we are dealing with weapons that can destroy thousands, maybe millions in one strike. These types of weapons in the hands of madmen are a recipe for disaster. If they are not stopped now they will come back to kick us in our #@$ss somewhere down the road.


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