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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by R. J. Johnson - 20 Feb 2003

I disagree with this statement very strongly:

"Actually, when a man in combat shoots his enemy under the command of the government, without personal hatred, he is not committing murder. Instead, he is simply being obedient to the purpose for which he is fighting. To commit murder, a person must have vengeance and hatred against another. "

How can that not be murder if life is taken???

He goes on to say:

"We need to support whatever decisions our nation makes, as long as they do not directly violate the Word of God. How can we justify the protests and marches against war? I understand that, in America, for example, we have a right to express our different opinions. However, there comes a time when our personal opinion is not a priority."

Doesn't the word of God say "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" ???

Seems to me like men and their wars violate that, or am I interpreting this commandment wrong?

So should we just sit back and keep our mouths shut at the injustice that is about to carried out?  Like good little submissive citizens?

Rise up brothers and sisters!  Demand a peaceful solution from our leaders and their oil-crazed quest for empire. I think Jesus would be right there marching with us at the demonstrations.


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