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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Stephen Augustine - 21 Feb 2003

Re: A Nation at War - In Touch Ministries

Pat and all,

From my reading this sermon seemed very pro-war. I find it hard to imagine that we still accept that God takes sides when his/her children are setting out to kill each other.

The sermon also brings up the question of authority. Whatever Paul had to say in his letters, the reality was that Jesus was executed by the authorities for:

1. Questioning and condemning authority (the Jewish leadership.

2. Disturbing the Pax Romana (as the Romans perceived it.

Which authorities are we supposed to trust and obey and why? If the president of the United States says that Yellowstone National Park will be dug up to look for oil in the interests of "national security" should we meekly obey the authorities and pray that they're doing the right thing?

If the authorities mandate meat at every meal to revive a flagging beef industry will we obey?

If I am a dual-citizen of two countries and both those countries are at war which authorities should I obey?

If I consider myself a citizen only of the Kingdom of God which authorities should I obey?

In Christ's Peace,


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