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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Peacemaking
Comments by Tony Ingram - 21 Feb 2003

Many who fought in WWII prayed to God for victory and their very lives.  I believe God was present and affecting the war as freedom (especially of religion) and stopping evil was a very real effort in this war.

Vietnam was different and a waste of lives to me but there again-was that one OK with God? I believe life and death in the physical sense means little to God and spiritual things mean everything.

They say there are no atheists in a foxhole-something like that. If God can condemn souls to hell then why can't he condemn the living evil to die by the sword with which they live. It's just that I myself would hate to have to kill anyone but under certain circumstances I know I would. If I caught a man molesting my daughter then I know I would kill with a deep hatred and anger.

Love Ya--Tony

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