Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals


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Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals
Comments by Daniel - 29 Jun 2009

Dear vclist,

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do when one internalize the thoughts of a specieist, and disturbs their peace when they are trying to enjoy and serve animal-life? Has anyone ever struggled with this before? Let me know your stories and advice.

Part of my lifework involves research and writing on animal intelligence issues, and I am currently reading a book by Konrad Lorenz about geese, and he emphasizes instinctual behavior w/h some animal intelligence. Instead of enjoying seeing an animal in the wild, for example, I end up worrying about whether or not I oversold my animal intelligence arguments, and that what anthropocentric scholars say about animals is in fact, true. I don't believe it, but I am tormented by it. I want to be able to just enjoy an animal, instead of being tormented by what some anthropocentric scholars says negatively about animals. I feel like I have internalized some of the oppressor. I suffer from anxiety and depression issues too.

Thanks very much!



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