Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals


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Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals
Comments by Bernie - 30 Jun 2009

Dear Daniel 

I agree entirely with Bob - but will say more or less the same thing in a different more advisory and lucid way, which is what you asked for, (if I can't advise now [I'm 84 in four weeks time] I never will be able to).

1. All species have instincts, given to them by GOD upon creation - especially Humans. BUT! Human's Instincts and understandings were derailed by Lucifer (Satan) in the Garden of Eden.

2. You cannot oversell other creature's intelligence. They were created before Adam and GOD pronounced them "VERY GOOD"

3. Anthropocentric scholars (meaning "Interpreting reality exclusively in terms of human values and experience) are all Atheists (non believers in GOD) so they could not possibly be right.

4. No person that knows and Loves our glorious GOD and Lord Jesus Christ can possibly suffer from anxiety or depression.

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