Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals


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Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals
Comments by Daniel - 30 Jun 2009

Dear Bernie,

Thank-you for responding to the my concerns. I agree completely with what you say, intellectually speaking about the nature of animal intelligence. I also agree, having dropped out of a conservative Catholic university, that a fixation on the human, is really nothing more than masked "secular humanism." There is an implicit atheism in it. And, that it is the idolatry of the worship of the human being. Instead of God.

Where I part ways with you, is that just because one feels depressed or anxious does not make one a non-Christian. I happen to be a very strong Christian, I have a very strong faith and relationship with God, and I absolutely believe in the Bible, it is just that I suffer from a disability which was not my choice, and I have no control over, and which is grounded in biophysical reality.

And, I have been a target many times, as I know you probably were many times, for my animal rights convictions, as well as feeling intense isolation. This is bound to cause doubts of various sorts. Mine is an emotional issue vs. an intellectual issue. And, I was just looking for some relief. I did not find what was said, helpful to my predicament. Although, I know you meant well.

Also, I am on your side. I care very deeply about animal life. So a defensive posture is not necessary with me. I just wanted help from my animal rights community, with something I am struggling with.

Also, the good news is that I was able to enjoy my time at a local park in my area, being able just to enjoy animal life, so I think I am turning the corner on this issue.

Thanks very much!



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