Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals


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Internalizing Human Indifference to Animals
Comments by Ray - 30 Jun 2009

Mankind assesses value to animals based on two irrelevant factors: Size and intelligence.

Both are erroneous means to asses value.

The consciousness that inhabits the brains of all animals (human & nonhuman) might all be the same, and it might be God. It is VERY important for happiness, to not have vast intelligence. All animals have the necessary intelligence required for their survival balanced so that they are not too intelligent to become bored with life and thus fort the enjoy of the experience of living. This is by deliberate design and is what makes life a wonderful experience.

Mankind likes to arrogantly assume that only Man has enough intelligence to be worthy of God's love and worthy to live a joyful life.

Animals have the exact amount of intelligence to survive hundreds of millions of years without Man, and Man has used his intelligence to bring his habitat to the brink of losing it's ability to support human life..................Just how does Man actually judge which specie is most intelligent.


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