Why God Provided MannaWhy God Provided Manna as a Main Staple Food for Israel in the Desert
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By Catherine Sarah Manna

Greeting to all my Friends, and to all brothers sisters, mothers fathers, sons and daughters!

Today what came to mind was "Manna" not because it happens to be my name by birth, but because of the Vital significance and purpose, that this staple food that God provided for the 12 tribe nation of Israel over 3 thousand years ago had.

What was its purpose. As most of you know, I endeavour and strive to live a healthy life style, and follow the original diet prescribed by our creator found in the first chapter of Genesis 1:29-31, the Vegan Diet!

I call it the Genesis Diet!

So when we think about Egypt, remember the historical accounts, we go over and over the Scripture's, to try to understand what we can learn from history, and how we can better our lives by it.

In the process, I believe that we miss a lot of the meaning and the intent our Creator has had for us back then, and even for now and the future.

For those who have felt as if they walked in that very desert, you know what I'm talking about here; for those who don't, there is something to be learned and it is very much.

We can learn a "two fold meaning"; I will explain.

When we read a certain scripture, we usually read it at face value the way it is written and read and is understood on one level. Superficial.

For example, the Tree has leaves and they are green.

Deeper level of reading. The tree has green leaves the sun shines on the leaves and a flower will appear.

That tree is moving because the wind is blowing the leaves. there are other trees around that tree.

The tree had fruits on it.

The tree was in the desert. The Israelites ate from the Tree that had green leaves.

See the different levels we can see when we look deeper into the significance and meaning.

A tree has purpose.

Now For example, the "Manna", was a grain from heaven, tastes like coriander seed.

Deeper meaning and significance,

Manna Coriander seed, is Cilantro, cilantro is high in vitamin A, a great cleanser and detoxifying agent, ward of sickness disease and cancer! See!

Very rarely we look at history at a different Level, a different aspect, point of view and this is the way we can better understand how to parallel it to our very lives, today, in a allegorical way as well as the traditional way it was mean to be read, I believe this to be a "Hidden deeper meaning" of Torah" or the "Hidden Secrets" of the "Torah" {first 5 books of the Bible}

When Israel was in Egypt, they worked as slaves, hard labour under harsh and abusive conditions, life threatening even, but one thing they always had was faith and hope.

They had built up faith through time and through their ancestors that taught them that there was hope for a better life, Re a "Promise land flowing with milk and honey"! promise through Isaac, Jacob, Abraham!!

Meanwhile, they were living in a world that practised the same things that we do today!

Agriculture, farming, fashion, jewelry makeup, medicine, Doctors and surgery, discovery, science, architecture, construction, marketing, business, trade, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, Astrology, Magic and sorcery, immorality, wars, murder, meat eating, and abuse.

I'm not saying that all of these are bad, but the majority are, with the exception of modesty in dress makeup and jewelry, adornment.

Where did this all come from? Where was this influence coming from?

Long ago, this has been long practised since the days of Noah, when the watchers or "fallen angels" came down to earth, and corrupted it, teaching mankind how to make weapons and knives for the killing of man and beast, the eating of meat and the drinking of blood, sorcery, potions, spells, medicines, and all kinds of things these fallen Angel's taught and even had entered into mankind to have children with them.

So in Egypt, these thing and practise's were being continued, meanwhile throughout history and time, there were certain individuals that did not do as the nations did, that did not kill men or animal's for food, that did not partake of the same practises that others did by defiling themselves with heavy strong drink, immorality drinking blood and eating the flesh of animals as was the popular practise of these nations.

In fact they were Vegans living hundreds of years like the tree!

To name a few, Methuselah, grandfather or great grandfather of Noah, Noah his wife and his family 3 sons and there wives, {Pre flood}, Adam and Eve, there son Cain, {keep in mind all who were not permitted to enter into the ark, were eating meat, the "earth was filled with violence"}.

Keep in mind also, that it was the custom of Job chapter 1, to make a sacrifice for atonement for the sins of his children after they feasted with wine and food, with there 3 sisters!! Not the custom of God.

Considering that Genesis 1:29-31, is the Original and still is, the plan of our Creator, for all of us. Food, Good health, longevity, happiness, joy, peace, and ultimately brings us all the more, love!

But, we somehow somewhere in time, deviated from this. Let us try to understand what went wrong, how we can turn back to the "Plan" of God and be happy.

Getting back to Egypt.

The 12 tribe nation of Israel, for hundreds of years, were slaves, building the city of Egypt. They had hope one day a saviour, would Deliver them out of Egypt.

Meanwhile they were living and walking as the Egyptians did, knowing, seeing, doing, and living in their world.

When Moses was anointed by God to take them out of Egypt, he had "a plan for them", "the law of Love" "10 commandments" and the Genesis Restoration of "Paradise Garden of Eden".

And since he is all knowing and all powerful, he also had "the back up plan", the 2nd plan, what we have today, history hardships, suffering murder and strife, plus 613 laws.

"The Plan" the First plan!

God had a plan for Israel. Original purpose and intention {Genesis 1:29-31}

His plan was to bring them out of Egypt, though Moshe.

His plan was to "Purify and Cleanse" Israel and bring them to a land free and clean, to live in peace, through peace.

He provided "Manna" to sustain them, a miraculous grain from heaven enough for each day, every day, {double portion pre sabbath for 2 days so they can rest on the 7Th day}, Amen!

So what went wrong?

Israel was not with God on this one, {hard to stick with the first plan with no co-operation} they started to crave and want more. They wanted meat, as they had in Egypt! {see Numbers chapter 11 for the details please}

Did this change everything? Yes it did!

If fact, further we read that when Moshe went upon the mountain to receive the Commandments of God, he was there 40 days, and in that time, was the test to see what was in "the heart of man"; what did Israel do in that time? {this is also what we must consider in our own personal lives and ponder upon today}

They did something very detestable in Gods sight! They not only killed animals for a sacrifice to feast and eat, they also made an image of it in a form of a " Golden Calf" in Honor of the feast, and bowed down to it.

This was a popular practise of the nations. And along with this was, debauchery, rivalry, drunkenness, and immorality!

SO then what happened?

It was not easy street after that at all.

Moses had to plead and convince God, not to give up on all of Israel, and somehow he managed and did stick it through with the "remnant repentant ones" out of thousands who did not regret the "worse sin in Gods sight of all time" as the scriptures say happened", but as we can see, they did not enter into the "promise land" in peace.

Many were killed along the way.

Perhaps if Israel did not "Sin" at the base of Sinai like they did, and at the "Grave of Lusts" numbers chapter 11, and not make sacrifices and have cravings for the flesh of animals and make a golden image to commemorate the event ...Perhaps they could have entered into the "Promise land" in and with peace, no killing and blood shed along the way.

And if they did not murmur and complain about the choice select "Royal food" from "heaven" in the form of "Manna" instead of "Crying for Flesh in the desert" and "Looking back with regret, remembering all the food they had in Egypt" the fish and Meats mostly is what they were missing", then, I beg to differ on what could have really happened, that history would have been totally been "re written" something like this:

Let us imagine and reason:

Israel, was taken out of Egypt through Moses, God had delivered them!!

He also so graciously provided "Manna" for the Israelites and they were always grateful giving thanks and praise, every day for the "Manna" grain in which they received!

God was well pleased. Every night, they sang praises and honoured the almighty thanking him for delivering them out of Egypt, and they would sing and dance and everyone was happy, even the children praised and gave thanks to the most high!

Upon waking up each and every morning they would gather each in there own assigned camp, and would tell stories of our faithful ancestors who loved God, how they were good farmers of the land taking care of it, growing tasty figs and dates and how mothers and daughters would make foods and decorate and make there homes a haven. The children would have fun and enjoy there freedom in the desert exploring the creatures like scorpions and desert lizards, they did no harm to the children because God was always with them protecting them from harm.

This is how they passed there time on their journey to "the promise land".

In no time, God had lead them to the "Promise Land" flowing with milk and honey!

Beautiful Flowers and all green trees, it was a blossom in the desert.

It was as if, it was Paradise re-newed!! and it was as if there were no one else on the very earth!!

So peaceful and full of bliss from Heaven above!

The Israelites, were so filled with Joy!

Moshe, rejoiced giving thanks and praise, making a feast of the grains and good food the land produced, that God provided for them , he made a feast for the Lord almighty!!

Upon seeing the grapes and other fine fruits and nuts in the land that God had provided and produced to grow, just like the Manna, now the Israelite's were able to produced the land and make it grow, with all that was good very good, as was the original plan of God right from the beginning! the Genesis way! Genesis 1:29-31!

Everyone lived in peace and harmony. No one ever became sick, or diseased.

No one every caused harm in all my holy mountain, they lived in peace and security. no one came to stumble them or make them fall!

Even the animals were at peace with the Israelites, the lion and the lamb, the bear and the goat, the child and the cobra. Peace and happiness, moral and free!! Finally!!

The dream and promise was finally realized! No one ever had made another animal sacrifice ever again, no blood was ever shed ever again, it was truly a Promised land Paradise!!!

Imagine that!! and what we can learn today as we work toward our own personal redemption and freedom from "Egypt", as we wait faithfully striving with hope faith and deeds, for the Promise Land once again,

"The Restored Paradise Gad Eden"!!

Where we will eat from the tree of everlasting life! and not die, not get sick or diseased ever again, live in total peace through peace,

Become prepared today! Genesis 1:29-31 is the answer and the way to that "key missing puzzle piece", we seem to have missed , while studying our Torah all these years.

Eat living foods so that you may live and have life!!

Peace and May God bless all in doing what is good and right, in His sight! Amen!

With love,
Catherine Sarah Manna

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