Matthew 22:41-46David and Jesus Example - Matthew 22:41-46
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By Marcela Lopez

Reading: Matthew 22:41-46

41 Now while the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them a question:

42 "What do you think about the Christ, whose son is He?" They said to Him, "The son of David."

43 He said to them, "Then how does David in the Spirit call Him "Lord,' saying,


45 "If David then calls Him "Lord,' how is He his son?"

46 No one was able to answer Him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to ask Him another question.

One day Jesus asked to the Pharisees, "Who do you think am I? They answered "the son of David". His reply, in a more personal and spiritual way was: "How could I be the son of David if he calls me Lord" (Psalm 110:1). In other words he was saying, "I am his Lord, I am greater than him, how could I be his son?

Jesus was making the point that if it was true that the king of Israel was a great man, then He, Jesus, Son of God was greater than David. He was saying that He was the Messiah, the redeemer, Lord of David, and Lord of lords. Jesus, the one who left the glory of God to come to this earth was saying that nobody greater than Him walked on this planet. Certainly, He couldnít be the son of David like other sons, a great king, but yet a sinner, like all of us.

In Jesus time Jews were suffering deep and terrible oppression by the Roman government. When Jesus started to be known to the people, they were expecting Him to use His power against the Romans and rise in a revolution, in a war against them, ending all suffering and abuse for all Jews. But, Jesus didnít.

With His life and actions He was teaching us: "Yes, David made wars but I, Jesus the Messiah, who is greater than him, and who was expected to do the same, didnít. I came to teach something else, I came to teach Ďturn the other cheekí, Ďlove your enemiesí. War is the earthly answer for all these kingdoms you see in this world, but my Kingdom is not from this world."

People in those times were learning something new, the good news of salvation. They were learning that other Kingdom exists in which you donít find a place for revenge, hatred, murders and wars; where you are to love your enemies and answer hatred with love. Jesus was teaching that if we want to consider ourselves worthy of God's Kingdom, we're suppose to act with its rules, which are not the rules of this world; Kingdom, where the logical answer is not the violence, the hatred, the wars, the murders, but instead we're suppose to answer all these things with justice and love.

He was teaching us with His example that even when every Jew was expecting Him to call His people for a battle as king David would do, He wouldnít, because He was greater than that one, and His calling was a higher calling, a calling that donít get involved with the examples of this world but with the compassion, justice and mercy of His Kingdom.

Some people remained faithful to Jesus till the end. Others were really disappointed afterwards, and later they became part of the angry crowd who was crying "Crucify Him, crucify Him!" The frustration of seeing what was happening, robbed them of their immediate opportunity of achieving freedom and deliverance from the Romans, and guided them to this hatred. They didnít understand Jesus. They just missed the most beautiful experience of real freedom and salvation, of real joy beyond this world, which is much greater than the present suffering.

Today, I can clearly hear Jesus voice, and I have to ask:

Why do so many people relay in David, following his example and ignoring the Messiah's examples?

Why do so many people look at king David, king of Israel, and ignore Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords? David's example fits this world but not Godís Kingdom.

Why do so many people justify wars saying: "The Bible recorded many wars, and David made a lot of them", instead of rebuking violence saying: "In the Bible the greatest Man who ever lived, refused to make the war that His people were waiting for".

If the son of God is greater than the king of Israel, Why do so may people prefer to mention that: "David was a warrior" and forget to mention: "JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE".

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