Mission of the Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare
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Mission of the Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare

The Mission of the Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare is to create an inclusive and mutually-supportive venue for Episcopal animal advocates with a variety of interests and gifts; and to offer our presence, passion, enthusiasm and resources to help equip the churches to give meaningful voice to every creature under Heaven, especially where neglect, cruelty, degradation and commercial exploitation are concerned.

The Need

The Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare (ENAW) serves as a sister organization of the UK based Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) in the United States. There is a growing need for such an immediate witness in the USA in order to draw more involvement, membership, and action on behalf of animals in our nation and church.

Striving to live out the beatitude of our Lord, �Blessed are the merciful,� ENAW believes that ending animal cruelty in all its forms and striving for mercy for all creatures is an essential task of the Church.

We are concerned by the lack of attention by the Church to the cruelties committed against animals in laboratories, factory farms, puppy mills, fur farms, slaughterhouses, and wherever animal exploitation occurs.

We believe that our treatment of animals, �the least of these,� is of major importance to all Christians and has implications for our health, environment, and world hunger, all of which demand our attention.

ENAW believes in non-violence for all of God�s creatures and is dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of God�s Peaceable Kingdom on earth.

Projects and Goals

Projects and Goals include (but not limited to):

-Providing a presence and witness in the Episcopal Church for animal welfare concerns and issues

-Praying for the welfare of animals and the end of animal exploitation

-Developing a consistent, coherent theological position for animal welfare in the church and necessary resources and educational materials

-Providing a community for those concerned about animal welfare in the Episcopal Church to find support and encouragement

-Encouraging and providing liturgies, services, and prayers that include all God�s creatures and acknowledge animals in our liturgical calendar

-Encouraging creative dialogue among clergy and laity about animal abuse and welfare in local parishes and Dioceses

-Serving as a resource for those who are grieving the loss of animal companions

-Serving as a resource for clergy and lay ministers for animal friendly sermons and educational programs

-Developing a program by which parishes can gain designation as �animal friendly congregations�

-Advocating for animal welfare in the church at the national and local level through legislation and resolutions and aiding in the implementation of such resolutions

-Participating and initiating activism locally, nationally, and within the Church itself to combat animal cruelty and protect animals

-Partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations, and denominational groups to develop a network of animal welfare groups

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