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The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle
By: Ben (12 December 1998)

Dear Veg-Christian List Members:

As a Christian I try to keep an optimistic attitude and I do believe that although the world seems to be in great turmoil there is still tremendous hope for the future.   I think that if the human species is going to survive that there will have to be a major conversion to the vegan lifestyle by our species. We can see how the dominant meat - eating lifestyle, if continued, will eventually destroy the planet for us. The rainforest is going away and our wetlands are in danger.  This has caused a phenomenal reduction in the number of species and many potential natural medicines that God has given to us have been destroyed.

Still I believe that there are natural medicines found in plants species that have not even been described yet. Our cures for all the types of cancer, altzheimer's, aids, etc. are out there waiting to be discovered in various undescribed plant species.   Also, if we as a species learned how to live as vegans we could solve our pollution problems.

This all sound nice and maybe approaching some kind of Garden of Eden.  But there would still be people getting killed in accidents and natural causes and maybe even by wild carnivorous animals.  And then how do we get rid of the vices in our hearts.   These are the unanswered questions that can only be bridged by faith that Jesus will return and make all things right.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle that all on this list are trying to live is really having a positive impact on this planet.   Each of us have our own niche in God's plan. I think just by what we put into our mouths we are having a huge impact.  By only eating vegan food we are not giving money to the meat industry, we are keeping ourselves healthy, we are helping the environment, etc. etc.  Everyone on this list should feel good about themselves for trying!!!


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