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Our Peace Articles
By Lorin Peters - 8 Nov 2007

In Reference to: The Wars We Make


I'm not sure how your comments box works. I am hoping this message will be forwarded to Stan Penner, who posted Nicholas Peters' "The Wars We Make".

I am also a Peters. I was not raised in the Mennonite tradition, but my father was. (My mother is from Winnipeg, but from the Salvation Army tradition.)

Our branch of the Peters family left the village of Alexanderthal (spelling?) in the Ukraine about 1885, due to pressure, and ended up in Kansas and Oklahoma. My grandparents received letters from relatives who stayed behind, describing some very rough persecution. The letters stopped coming about 1920. We have always assumed those left were shipped off to Siberia. I am intrigued by the possibility (remote?) that Nicholas' family could be related, and that they did not all perish.

Do you, Stan, have knowledge of where they came from in Russia in 1925? Or do you have any contact with this family/clan? If so, could you forward this note to them, or otherwise facilitate contact?

Many thanks
Peace and blessings
Lorin Peters